1972 Suncoupe Winner Announced


Wilma Montle of Grosse Pointe, Michigan was traveling through Illinois with her husband and sister on their way to Elizabeth, Illinois. On their way, they stopped at the Stephenson County Visitors Center to get some information about the Freeport area. While at the Visitor’s Center, Montle saw the 1972 Suncoupe on display and decided to purchase a ticket. At the time, she claims she had no idea she would ever win the car.

Like so many from the Detroit area, Montle has an admiration for classic American-built cars. She plans to drive the Suncoupe in a handful of cruise nights this summer, including the Woodward Dream Cruise this August. The Woodward Dream Cruise is the world’s most popular car cruise and the largest one-day automotive event, drawing 1.5 million people and 50,000 classic cars from all over the world.

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